WJON IP Radio Software

WJON IP Radio utilizes multiple softwares and other programs to help run the station smoothly. This page will list all the software we use, as well as what the software is capable of.

Telegram/Twitter Logger

  • Configure for more than one telegram channel/group/DM
  • Easily customizable with images for each alert type
  • Optional support for file drops and audio logging (separate)
  • Add your own prequel and sequel to the logger text
  • Filter certain alerts to not send an alert
  • Runs off a serial port on the user’s computer


  • The GR CAP-DEC except good
  • NWS CAP support
  • File drops to a folder for playout
  • Supports custom CAP servers
  • Logs to Discord w/ Embed


  • Monitors streams for EAS Alerts
  • Plays files from multiple sources including the CAPDEC over a stream or output/input
  • Logs in mp3
  • Logs to Discord w/o Embed
  • Overpowered for alert chasing


– WJON IP Radio utilizes multiple softwares that are not available for distribution. These softwares will not contain a download link, or any type of source for these softwares, as they are not allowed to be distributed. Please do not ask for where to download the software, as we are unable to provide it.

– While some software is able to be downloaded, we do not collect data from these downloads, nor do we care who downloads them. Please read the terms of use and README files contained in each software download before configuring the software for usage