Station Legal Information

WJON IP Radio Files

WJON IP Radio is not an official radio station, nor is controlled by any corporation. This is a hobby station, and we attempt to give our listeners the best listening experience possible, while providing emergency information whenever possible. While we use decommissioned and out of service units, we strive to use these units responsively and properly, and only allowing certain users/individuals access and control over these units.

We do not affiliate with any other stations, nor are we trying to be like any actual stations. The actions of this station should not and will not reflect on any other actual AM/FM stations. Any references to actual stations from this website and station are purely coincidental.

We are not an official station. We do not plan on becoming an official station. We do not transmit over ANY AM/FM/WX/CB frequencies, and do not plan on doing such. Our CAP server is 100% local hosted and does not interfere with FEMA/iPAWS operations.

We hope you enjoy listening to our station! For more information, see links below, and don’t hesitate to contact us!

Privacy Policy: We don’t use your data, we don’t need your data. For information on third party add-ons such as twitter embeds, please see their websites.

Icecast Privacy Policy: The Icecast server collects IP addresses for all users that connect to streams. This IP is not used to track you. Abuse or exploitation of the Icecast server may result in a kick from streams or being blacklisted from our services. Additionally, your IP may be used to move you to another stream, should a stream be sent off the air or requires maintenance.